8talents is your partner when it comes to filling vacancies that require not only professional expertise, but also intercultural competence. We represent your interests in close cooperation also across national borders, so as to find the right talent for your company.

Eight good reasons for collaboration::


Qualified talent

The core of our consultative service is the evaluation of talent in terms of technical competence, personality, values and soft skills, always based on the specific position requirements and social environment. We recommend only talent, which we are personally convinced of.

Introduction of talent with the right match

Clear recommendations are our priority. When selecting and introducing talent to you, we consider both the language and cultural differences and consider carefully whether talent’s qualities are in compliance with wishes and goals of your company.

Human Resource department relief

You just conduct interviews with talent who we already selected and tested. Thereby you can focus more on strategic tasks and save your resources.

Time gain

Vacant positions cost you money. You are regularly informed about the status of your assignment and receive talent recommendations timely.

Success fee

With our fee structure you always for the desired result only.

Cross-cultural consulting team

For each new assignment, we put together a new team - with staff from consulting, research and assistance domain. Our staff have international experience, are multi-lingual themselves and have the best knowledge of the target markets.

Broad recruitment strategy

Creatively and purposefully, we use the manifold possibilities of the Internet for all international recruitment assignments.


Any information about clients is kept strictly confidential unless we have been expressly authorized to disclose it.

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